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The 50% Solution

The 50% Solution as I know it: Plan what you will do that day, or hour, depending on your stamina at the time. Take that task and figure out how long it will take, cut that time in half, then cut it in half again. Do as much of the task that it takes in the time period. Set a timer, to be sure and stick to it.

Sit and wait to get back to your normal, rested self. Take note of the time and do another part of the task; add half of the time back into the task at hand and repeat.

The trick is to add time to the task at hand only as long as you can recoup without feeling worn out. When I started I had to add one quarter of the time so that I wouldn't wear myself out. It works!

I hope you find it useful.

Getting Back to the New Life Plan

It's nearly fall and I've managed to lose some weight by adding some NutriSystem foods to my plan, some of the food is just plain ucky! But that addition helps getting the plan back in full force and is a plan for me to get more pounds off.

  • Move More and More Often
  • Eat better foods,
  • Cut down on gluten.Trying to cut out gluten entirely is not only bad for the budget but bad for the body. Click on the link for VickiP's Bean Barn, below for more information.
  • Eat beans, veggies and rice. See below for VickiP's Bean Barn, some hints and recipes.
  • Work on the magazine and website. These activities keep me from laying in bed watching TV and shovelling food into my mouth.
  • Time to update and arrange the site.
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